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Who Are We?

Montague Cinemas was established in 1940 by the Williams family. They wanted to provide families and friends with a fun space to laugh, cry and scream! And soon enough, word caught on, and their traditional movie nights expanded from a small group to a large crowd. Now, we show films from a variety of time periods and genres, ranging from old Hollywood Classics to the latest Box Office hits. There’s something for everyone at Montague Cinemas.

Why the Cinemas?

Family time has always been important to the Williams family. In the 30s, they established a weekly tradition to unite family ans friends after a long and busy week. At first, it started with Saturday night dinners, but quickly transformed into nights of story telling, movie watching, and lots of laughter.

From this tradition birthed Montague Cinemas; a place where the Williams family could share the fun with their community. Founded by Grandpa Williams, MC remains in the family for generations to come. Now, movie nights are still a Williams family tradition- just more frequent and with a lot more friends!

A Message to Our Friends

We’d like the thank everyone who has visited Montague Cinemas. As a local business, we know our customers have various options for their entertainment needs. It means a lot to us that we can serve you and offer a unique friendly atmosphere where you are free to be yourself and enjoy each others company. If you ever feel unsatisfied with your visit, please contact us. We are committed to making your experience at MC a good one.

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