Local businesses are the lifeblood of the local community. Employing over 53% of the working population in America, small businesses are critical contributors to the success of a local economy. Over 90% of all businesses in America are local businesses that only service their region. At Montague Cinemas, we know the importance that a local business can having on a community, both economically and emotionally. Today, we look at the top reasons as to why supporting local businesses is important.

Local Businesses Give Back to the Community

Money that is spent at small businesses is much more likely to stay and be reinvested within the local community. For every $100 spent at local businesses, almost $70 will remain within the community. This contrasts with large, chain retailers or international businesses which are closer to only $43 out of every $100. Small, local businesses are significantly more likely to spend money at other local businesses such as banks, shops, and services. For example, a local restaurant might get some of their groceries from a local supermarket which gets the food from local farms around the region. This reinvestment creates a chain effect as money stays in the local economy for a longer period and leads to more local businesses prospering. 

More Personalized Customer Service

One of the greatest benefits of supporting local businesses is that you have better, personalized customer service. Because local businesses generally do not deal with the same massive number of customers as chain retailers, the companies are able to ensure that their customers have the best possible service while they are there. This can be anything from greeting you by name when you enter to placing orders for you. Small businesses rely on their primary customers and word of mouth for their business to succeed and have a vested interest in ensuring that every customer has immaculate customer service and leaves happy. Being a local business within San Francisco, we understand the importance of exceptional customer service and it has been our dedicated customers that have helped us to remain in business for almost 80 years.

Environmental Sustainability

Supporting local businesses is one of the most sustainable economic choices that one can make. Local businesses often get their supplies from within a 50-mile radius of the town greatly reducing the environmental impact that comes from transporting goods across the globe. Additionally, local businesses likely have smaller carbon footprints than large chain retailers. This means that by shopping locally, not only are you helping to keep money within the city, but you are also being green. Finally, local businesses are key to creating and sustaining a lively town center which leads to reduced urban sprawl and lowers the necessity of vehicles. 

In conclusion, local businesses are very often the most important businesses within a community. While large chain retailers are a necessity, local businesses create opportunities for people across America. At Montague Cinemas, we cannot understate the importance of supporting local businesses to keep cities thriving. 

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